• luggage and packing

    #4 Posted : Saturday, March 17, 2018 9:47:13 PM


    Luggage type is certainly a personal preference. We have used hard side polycarbonate spinner bags for the past 10 years. Empty weight is 8-10 pounds and TSA locks are integrated so they can never go missing. We also use a yellow/black strap around the bag and it has a TSA lock too. Helps to differentiate our bag from all the similar colors. I had a Samsonite and baggage handlers finally beat it up after 10 years. I just bought a Lojel hard side and spouse has an eBags house brand. As far as clothes to bring, check the weather forecasts on and definitely think layers as the temperatures are so different from Uluru to the NZ South Island.

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  • A Week In...Spain May 23-30 2018

    #1 Posted : Saturday, March 17, 2018 1:25:04 PM


    Anyone out there going on this trip?

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  • Alcohol available on Danube cruise between meals?

    #10 Posted : Saturday, March 17, 2018 12:38:37 PM


    AshvEd said:

    There is so much alcohol available on the river cruise you might have to send your liver on a vacation. ha ha

    I came back from our 2nd cruise which was a two week Rhine/Moselle, caught the crud on the flight back and was sick for 2 weeks then went for an already scheduled annual exam. Doctor got all concerned about my blood work. Took me over a year of monitoring to convince her it was an anomaly. Lesson learned on scheduling doctor appointments after cruises.

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As the first stop for most immigrants coming to America, New York always had its various ethnic neighborhoods based on the historical waves of immigration, retaining some of their former cultures. But in the Midwest where I grew up, culture was diffused. By the time immigrants settled there, they were assimilated.

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Contemplation is about seeing, but a kind of seeing that is much more than mere looking because it also includes recognizing and thus appreciating. The contemplative mind does not tell us what to see, but teaches us how to see what we behold.

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