• Photography Question

    #4 Posted : Monday, October 16, 2017 9:58:37 PM


    MarcCohen said:

    We're taking this trip this upcoming summer. I'm an amateur (but serious) photographer so I'm really looking forward to the photographic opportunities this trip offers. Are things set up in a way that it is practical to use a travel tripod at times, or am I better off just leaving that piece of equipment at home? Thanks in advance for your help.

    In the first photo taken on the way to the Four Seasons, Serengeti, we had stopped to view some lounging lions. This is a collection of photographic answers to your questions, and are typical. Note: while they "almost" always give a few seconds warning, the drivers may re-position the vehicle if other vehicles get in the way or the animals move:

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  • What about the dirty clothes....

    #5 Posted : Monday, October 16, 2017 7:19:41 PM


    Hello my friend British.. hope you're doing great. Well.. the exercise is not really my biggest concern.. I know is limited and do to the resorts being in National parks and the wild life it is not advisable to walk alone. and of course.. the idea of the safari is mainly to see the animals ; so I have no intentions of visiting any gym. But, if possible I would like to know if there is a chance for a massage or treatment at the spa at any time during the 2 days stays.. without having to miss the pm drives....( I'm not going to miss any chance to see amazing animals.) It's just that in the Tauck catalog it is not very clear what can be done at the resorts on our free time if any ..between game drives.. So, the only source of info. it's the fellow travelers who have already done this tour. Thanks, nice to heard from you. Where are you going next? I'm doing Morocco in Feb. and then K&T .

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  • What to do between game drives?

    #2 Posted : Monday, October 16, 2017 7:16:34 PM


    There is definitely time between drives to have lunch and take a short rest. However, the only spa I remember is at the Four Seasons and I believe we had a fair amount of time one afternoon there. Some people went swimming and I'll bet you'd have time for the spa. The afternoon drives began later, perhaps at around 3:00?, hmmm. They started later because the animals are more active near dusk and they need to get to the sites. Funny how quickly you forget the logistics. Every hotel has a gift shop and I thought the Ngorongoro Crater lodge and the Masai Mara had really good ones. People said that the pop-up concession at one of our bush airports had really nice stuff. I also remember that the Oldupai Gorge had very nice things. Have a blast. We are still talking about the trip. Melanie

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