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We create innovative volunteer, financial & community support programs that engage our employees to make a positive impact where we travel, live & work.
  1. How?

    • Volunteerism
    • Financial Support
    • Community Support In-Kind

  2. Where?

    • Places we travel
    • The communities where our employees live
    • Where we work

  3. Making an Impact

    • Community Involvement: Tauck is proud to support local activities and organizations through financial contributions as well as hands-on volunteering. We sponsor numerous drives and collections in support of a variety of interests within our community.
    • Destination Grants: Our Destination Grants Program funds efforts that focus on conservation or cultural/historical preservation of places that our guests travel to around the world.  Click here for more information including how to apply for a grant.
    • Disaster Response: The Disaster Response Program allows Impact to react immediately to crises at home and around the world.  Whether it is a natural disaster in our own country, floods in Peru or earthquakes in New Zealand or Japan, we can respond and give back to those in need.
    • Heart & Soul: A collaboration of our Healthy Living initiatives and Impact, our Heart & Soul events that have an emphasis on feeling good and doing good are made available to employees.
    • Matching Gifts: Tauck seeks to recognize and support employees’ contributions of dollars as well as volunteer time.  We appreciate all contributions that staff members make to organizations that are important to them.
    • Sparks: An educational program offered in cooperation with local youth organizations. Together we provide curriculum and travel opportunities to broaden the students' knowledge and horizons.

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