Tauck Small Ship Cruising:
The Joy of Traveling Small

It’s the little things that make a Tauck small ship cruise so personally rewarding… and such a memorable cruising experience. Like sailing on yachts and expedition vessels to ports where bigger ships can’t go... with fewer guests onboard, more intimate settings and more personalized service for you. And all-included experiences ashore that inspire with unique access to history, nature, culture and daily life. Creating more cherished memories than you ever thought possible.

Small Ship Cruising With Tauck

Check out our all-inclusive small ship cruises aboard world-class yachts and expeditionary vessels specially designed and built for intimate, personalized cruising in the specific regions you'll be exploring...


Onboard Our Small Ships

Hand-picked and especially designed for their respective regions, our small ships include some of the finest vessels afloat... with fewer passengers, more personal attention, and an intimate atmosphere.


Destination Expertise

More than 90 years of destination expertise goes into our signature included shore excursions on every Tauck small ship cruise worldwide... meaning exclusive experiences ashore wherever you sail with us.


Our Tauck Directors

Whatever corner of the world you explore on a Tauck Small Ship Cruise, you'll be sailing in good company with our professional, full-time Tauck Directors... the best in the business.


Distinctively Inclusive

On a Tauck small ship cruise, "inclusive" means just that – virtually every cruise cost is included in one upfront price... there are no extra charges for meals or shore excursions, no hidden or "surprise" expenses...



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