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The Joy of Spring Travel

Posted by A Colin Treadwell on 1/16/2018
Posted in: Musings From Colin Treadwell
Tags: Travel
In spring, a man’s thoughts turn to… travel… at least mine do. How nice to hear that song this morning on the radio about the unforgettable experience of April in Paris! It tells of someone who never really experienced the full impact of spring before experiencing it in Paris. I think that’s a true story. There are many ti...
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Resolutions and Hopes for a New Year

Posted by A Colin Treadwell on 1/3/2018
Posted in: Musings From Colin Treadwell
Tags: Travel
At the end of the year, when the calendar turns over and it’s not just a new month but there is a new number on it, it’s hard to avoid taking a reckoning of the fact that another year has slipped into the past, never to return again. And there are only so many of them allotted to each of us. It’s always a reminder that whatever yo...
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Live Longer by Traveling

Posted by A Colin Treadwell on 12/19/2017
Posted in: Musings From Colin Treadwell
Tags: Travel
I came across an article the other day that caught my eye called “Advice From a 104-Year Old Doctor.”  Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara of Tokyo certainly had some interesting things to say, but the thing that struck me most was this: “Energy comes from feeling good, not from eating well or sleeping a lot.”
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Traveling in the United Kingdom…
by Film

Posted by Amy Clyde on 12/6/2017
Posted in: Tauck’s Travelogue
Tags: Europe, Film, Britain, British, England, Great Britain, Scotland
The history teachers who taught me revered accuracy. So it is with a certain rebelliousness that I now confess how much British history I actually learned from the movies. Subject to artistic license, society’s shifting attitudes, and the almighty goal of fast-paced storytelling, film has never been the most accurate art form. But there was n...
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Enchantment in India

Posted by A Colin Treadwell on 12/5/2017
Posted in: Musings From Colin Treadwell
Tags: Travel, India
I awake this cold morning in the Green Mountains of Vermont to thoughts of India, a sense of it hovering around me, as if I am stepping hazily out of a forgotten dream. Perhaps it’s something still reverberating on the mountain surfaces from when Rudyard Kipling wrote “The Jungle Books” in a house in Dummerston, Vermont, a few mil...
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